—About Us

The Office was founded by Jarrod Beglinger, who holds degrees in engineering from MIT and design from the Design Academy Eindhoven.

After years of using design to help others create and communicate, in both agency and corporate settings, The Office was born of a desire to meld a deep respect for craftsmanship with a fundamental passion for design.


We have a driving philosophy and commitment to design and build thoughtful, useful, long-lasting objects. We embrace both traditional and contemporary techniques, but always with an abiding respect for genuine, honest raw materials.

From material and finishes to packaging design and sourcing, we endeavor to operate as sustainably as possible.

Our values were instilled in the American Midwest... our design sensibility shaped and textured by global experiences. We are inspired by the quotidian and the super normal. We eschew trends in favor of both stylistic and practical longevity.

There is passion and love in the design, development, and construction of everything we make. We hope you appreciate it.